How the ecommerce experience has more in common with a colonoscopy than you think


Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, one of the pioneers of Behavioural Economics, ran a series of experiments in the 90s which formulated the idea of how we arrive at the thought of happiness through both experience and memory. I posted an article on Medium that looks at how these experiments provide an insight on why […]

Internet work


I have been an online producer for many years working with large and small companies. Work for large organisations normally has all the smarts in the background. You only get to see the pretty stuff. This is the small stuff, that mostly I work on myself.

Boxee TV: Reference design on steroids

The story was featured in Fast Company and the design is an absolute delight. What interested me was that the designers themselves, Astro Studios, referred to a requirement in their client brief that asked for “reference design on steroids”. Basically, do something that stands out. In effect, when you have a piece of software that […]