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Rhumbaland, my collection

Domenica, 10 Agosto, 2004 | Posted by Detective Stevens

For the last few years I have been collecting the written diaries of the main players in this drama. I have become very much an Editor, piecing through the visits to the local 7Eleven with the entries that really mattered.

I have searched for the entries that relate, not just any old story, but the story of Rhumbaland.

I have often been asked, what is Rhumbaland? I don't know for certain as for many it is nothing more than fiction, but to me it is very much a reality. This is the place I inhabit, day in and day out. I try to uphold the law, in a place that has no law, just a soul that is often wrenched apart by the games people play with the emotions of others.

Rhumbaland started out as "the continuing love story of Silvia Rose and Lionel Gerkin".

I found the diaries of all except Silvia Rose. Silvia probably never wrote anything on paper. It probably had to do with the fire in her soul had to be expressed physically, through dance, rather than through a few scribbles on a sheet.

I was surprised by some of the findings, as you will see from some of my entries.

What can I say, Rhumbaland is a record of a few ordinary people who crossed paths and lived to never forget it.

No one else knows of my efforts here, only you. If you wanted to follow them and see for yourself, start here at the archives. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the end.

I have also made a list of the ones I personally like. They are:

I can't actually get anyone to talk about this anymore. Lionel does not return my calls, Marie, well she's somewhere no one can get to, and the others well the others are just the others. At least Signora Teresa still invites me around often for dinner. The only thing is that you often have to watch where she tries to put her hand. Shes's old enough to be my mother. What can I say?