Favourite labels and packaging

Labels and Packaging have always been one of the most visible forms of design. Just think about going into a supermarket and being inundated by the flood of visual branding that you can see. Everything is branded on one bad form or another. Most are bad and can make you disregard a great tasting product, […]

Print Advertising 1

I love print work. As a writer, I love the craft you get to use and see how, when you get it right, it can directly affect people in weird ways. Click on an image to view a slideshow with more detail

Internet work

I have been an online producer for many years working with large and small companies. Work for large organisations normally has all the smarts in the background. You only get to see the pretty stuff. This is the small stuff, that mostly I work on myself.

Boxee TV: Reference design on steroids

The story was featured in Fast Company and the design is an absolute delight. What interested me was that the designers themselves, Astro Studios, referred to a requirement in their client brief that asked for “reference design on steroids”. Basically, do something that stands out. In effect, when you have a piece of software that […]

Paula Scher on what they don’t teach you in design school

In her article titled What they don’t teach you about identity design in design schools…, author and designer, Paula Scher writes the following paragraph: “I never knew a designer that got hundreds of thousands of dollars to design a logo. Mostly, designers get paid to negotiate the difficult terrain of individual egos, expectations, tastes, and […]